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EVA3000 please help!

Toni Cerkez
Occasional Advisor

EVA3000 please help!

We have cisco MDS 9124 SAN 4GB Switch and SFP also is 4GB, so Can this work with EVA 3000 which is on 2 GB and all other host have 2 GB HBA?
Robert McBroom
New Member

Re: EVA3000 please help!

Hello Toni,
Use the HP SPOCK tool
to confirm your specific configuration.

Use the "View Array by OS" matrix on the SPOCK home page to look up the specific information for your array model, array firmware version and server OS, I think you will find that the Cisco MDS 9124 Fabric Switch is supported. I would suggest you lock the switch ports to 2GB and not Auto-Negotiate port speed.