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EVA4000 - Where to start?

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EVA4000 - Where to start?

Hi There,

Our organisation has just purchased an EVA4000 with 8x146GB FC drives. It's been installed by HP and is all up and runnning.

I won't be receving any formal training(We are a non-profit organisation!)in using the EVA / business copy.

I've hanv't got any production data on the SAN yet. I've just been haveing a play with it and presenting volumes to servers etc.

I want to be able to do things like script the creation of a snapshot, present it to a server mounted as a specific drive letter, back it up, unmount it and delete the snapshot.Am I thinking right here?

Where do I start!? Where do I find the right tech docs, howtos etc.

Can someone give me some basic concepts and princials for what I should be doing with my EVA!!

We are an all Microsoft shop (Win2k3) and have just 5 servers connected to the SAN Exchnage, sql, file server etc. We use Arcserve Birhgtstore 11.5 for backups(to LT0 SCSI Drives)

I had a strange problem(lack of understanding) where when I created a snapshot in command view and preseented to the same server as its parent vraid is presented and it did some strange things with drive letters like swapping the driver letters arround????

I just need a little guidence to get me started.


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Kirk Laflamme
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Re: EVA4000 - Where to start?

Hi Rhys, the fist thing you might want to verify is connectivity to the SAN from your Windows servers, this way you can zone correctly if you feel you need to. Zoning after can cause problems with the OS if you do it wrong after the fact. The configuration, does it include switches? If so how many? If one then we can assume there will be no multipathing, if so use the free version of MPIO DSM from HP for the OS's. Once you have verified your FC links are working then you must learn how Command View works, this is usially installed on a Management Appliance that uses HTTP to communicate to the HSV 200 controllers on the EVA for carving and controlling storage on the disks. Once hosts and LUNS are defined your SANitized. Advanced features such as scripting and Snapshoting are basic once the concept of the EVA is better understood.
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Re: EVA4000 - Where to start?

Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes we do have 1 swtich (16 Ports) and yes we are using HP MPIO driver.

Command view seems fairly straigt forward and I've been playing about with a bit.

We also have business copy(1TB LTU). Which I havn't even looked at yet.(Is this another software package or just a licence?)

I havn't done any zoning yet; I have however created all the vraids for each of the servers that are connected to the SAN. I've been using command view to preesent LUNs to one of my servers just for testing. I want to get a good feel for things before I put production data on the EVA.

Im wondering, when I create a vraid and present it to a (microsoft 2k3) server as a LUN, it just seems to detect and give it what ever drive letter it feels like! How can I make this more controlled. Also when it is detecting it seems all the LUNS disappear for a few seconds and then come back once detection is complete!! Im sure this would cause problems in production if I were presenting LUNs on the fly for backup. Or am I really barking up the wrong tree here??! :)

Thanks in advance.


Sheldon Smith

Re: EVA4000 - Where to start?

First, the "business copy(1TB LTU)" is both a license which gets loaded in Command View EVA (go to the web site specified and fill in all the information) and the Business Copy software media.

Second, the idea behind zoning is to isolate the hosts from each other. SCSI protocols were designed with a single host and multiple storage devices. Without zoning, all hosts will 'hear' any SCSI commands from every other server. Which may be what is causing the momentary LUN disappearance you see. Typically, if you have a dedicated backup server, if it does not see LUNs for a moment, that would not necessarily be an issue for 'production'.

Note: While I am an HPE Employee, all of my comments (whether noted or not), are my own and are not any official representation of the company

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Re: EVA4000 - Where to start?

Hi Rhys.

Just a couple of comments...

Zoning is a very good idea..
Think of zoning as vlan on wwn-numbers and you'll be fine. (Sheldon explained the reasons fine)

Sorry Kirk.. If a host is able to se a LUN on multiple paths (that includes multiple controller ports as well as HBA's) you WILL need MPIO or W2K3.

Regarding your "strange drive-letter swapping" issue..

If u present a "clean" LUN to a Windows server, you will have to initialize and format it, as with any new disk on Windows. But if you present a LUN formatted on another server, Windows will plug'n play the device, AND auto-assign a drive-letter. usually next free drive-letter..

A special case is when using Dynamic disks and snapshots/snapclones.
If you present both source and snapshot to the same server at the same time, windows tends to be a bit confused. The simple answer is: Don't do it.. If you have the need, use basic disks. They can just as easily be extended with diskpart...

Hope this gets you a bit closer to Nirvana :-)

btw: check out this link to get more info on B.C. -