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EVA4000 disk upgrading

Ed Beheler
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EVA4000 disk upgrading

I've been given the responsibility for the care and feeding of a Storageworks 4000. It's divided into 3 disk groups: FATA drives, 10k drives, and 15k drives. I need to ungroup some drives from the FATA and 10k groups to make room for new drives in the 15k group.

I know that if you remove drives from a disk group, you should do them one at a time. Can I ungroup one drive from each of the first two groups at the same time, or should they be removed sequentially also?
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Re: EVA4000 disk upgrading

You should be OK to do that but the ungrouping of a drive can take MANY hours. I would probably do one at a time.
You did not state how many drives you had in each group so a couple of "problems" you may come across is that you will not be able to ungroup a drive if:
1: It takes the group to LESS than 8 drives
2: When you ungroup the drive you do not have sufficiant unassigned space in the group to do this
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