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Mike Texter
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Hi Everyone,

We have a customer who received some EVA4400 series 1TB drives from us.  As a test, he was attempting to run the Disk InLine eXerciser (DILX) on them.  He did so, and upon doing so 4 of the 9 drives failed almost immediately. 


I was just curious to know more about this DILX feature,  the only posts i can seem to find about it are from around 2005...has this been deprecated, or is it still a relevant method to test disk functionality?  Our production environment is an EVA4400 at 10001000.



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Re: EVA4400 DILX

well the old DEC version used to use the whole platter but the newer EVA version is supposed to only use non data areas so disk ocupancy would have an impact, it may be that there are some unknowns in the newest drive geometry that DILX has failed to account for. It's more about testing performance than functionality anyhow, to benchmark maximum data rates, and if left running for too long would always risk trashing disks. more so on nearly fully allocated EVA disks since the unused bit will become a hot spot and in worst case can weld the head to the platter!
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