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EVA4400 code load

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EVA4400 code load

I've received the latest controller code from HP today for our EVA4400. Will code loading the unit cause both controllers to reboot at the same time or can I do one at a time?

I'd like to update controller 2 first, verify that it comes up OK and then do controller 1.

Also, i've got new firmware for the fibrechannel disks in the unit and would like to do those too.

Any help would be appreciated.
Mark Wibaux
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Re: EVA4400 code load

Firmware updates fall in to 2 categories. Online and Offline.
Depending on your starting firmware level your upgrade to the EVA4400 could be either.

Online upgrades happen with major interuption to your host IO (though I would always schedule during a period of low IO)
Offline upgrades require a full reboot of the EVA and means that all hosts will lose access to the EVA during that period.

Start by finding the "updating product software guide" for the firmware version you are going to. You can find a copy here

Have a read through it and if you are uncomfortable with any aspects of the process I would suggest that you either contract HP to do the upgrade or get a suitable HP partner to do it for you.

Also at the site I linked about you can find the document on how to do disk firmware updates as well.
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Re: EVA4400 code load

I would certainly agree with the above comments and add in that it is not supported/possible to code load 1 ctrl at a time. Both must be done at the same time.
You may also have to code load your Management module/ABM as well. Read the release notes for that as well.
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Re: EVA4400 code load


What version have you received?
Uwe Zessin
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Re: EVA4400 code load


Depending on which version you are coming from and which version you are going to you might need a FULL POWER CYCLE!

That means: shutdown the EVA, turn off power from ALL elements including the disk enclosures, wait a bit and then turn everything back on.
After the system is back, somebody must verify that the firmware load to the disk drive enclosure was successful.

In almost every case, you cannot easily downgrade an EVA's firmware, because some changes to the metadata have been made, so a FULL VERIFIED BACKUP of ALL DATA and the EVA CONFIGURATION is necessary.

Depending on the current version one must also analyze when is the right time to upgrade the management module (also known as the WOCP - Web-base Operator Control Panel).

The Fibre Channel disk drives are the last ones - and cannot be upgraded unless you have a Fibre Channel-attached Windows server with Command View EVA installed.

I strongly recommend that somebody analyzes you current situation.
Please do not just load the firmware into the EVA.
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Re: EVA4400 code load

Existing firmware version is 09006000

I'm looking to go to 09522000.

We've got our virtual center machine fibre channel connected to the EVA so direct access isnt an issue. I'm not so worried about updating the drive firmware as I am the controller firmware.

I'm reading the update guide now. Our vSphere4 environment is pretty quite with low IO at this time of the day so doing the update shouldn't be an issue. I'll likely schedule some downtime this weekend to do it however depending on how the slopes are at Lake Louise :P