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EVA5000 / Linux Host issues

Jim Staszko
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EVA5000 / Linux Host issues

We've allocated storage from our EVA5k, version 4004, to a Linux box. The host it will see it after a scan and be fine, but as soon as I restart, says it is unable to open /dev/sda -- if i do a scan again, it will find it again.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3
QLA2312 FW 3.03.11, driver v7.05.00-fo
We're using the QLogic MPIO driver for Driver v7.x.
We've allocated from our XP arrays but this is our first attempt at allocating EVA5k to Linux. I have the host type defined as Linux in command view.

Any other suggestions?
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Re: EVA5000 / Linux Host issues

We had numerous problems getting Linux to boot from our EVA5000 and the two changes that resolved our similar issues were updating the QLA2312 bios to 1.45 (it's on 1.50 now so I'd use that) and setting the host type to Sun Solaris. These did the trick (although we have more problems now after a major EVA firmware upgrade).