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EVA5000 VCS Upgrade

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EVA5000 VCS Upgrade

Good Morning,

Over the weekend we have tried and failed to upgrade our EVA5000 from VCS code 3028 to 4007. Ort EVA had 5 Windows 2000 servers (3 BL20's and 2 BL40's) and four Linux AS 4 servers (BL20's). Prior to the work, I upgraded the Linux HBA drivers (Qlogic) to the latest version that supported 4.0.07. These worked fine after the update. I wasn't involved with the Windows servers.

After the upgrade, the Windows servers failed to boot (they blue screened) with an "inaccesible boot device" error. I then found that securepath had been left on (not sure of the version) and MPIO kit 2.01.00 had also been installed.

Could having both Securepath and MPIO on each server have caused this issue? We had an HP engineer here who tried to remove the Securepath drivers manually but this didn't work and eventually we had to rollback to 3028, losing all our servers and data in the process. We are currently restoring from RDP images and tape backups for the data, but this will only work the Windows servers as it turns out the Linux servers were not properly imaged.

Any advice or reasoning beyond what could have caused the Windows problems would be greatly appreciated in order to stop this occuring again when another upgrade is attempted.