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EVA5K 2C6D-C 50Hz 42U Graphite

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EVA5K 2C6D-C 50Hz 42U Graphite

I have logged a support case about a defect harddrive at the swedish HP support number, received a casenumber and all but nothing happens. I try to call them but the number I have got is only open workdays 08:00-17:00.

I thought the EVA 5000 has a standard warranty
on 24/7 support services? Can someone please confirm. I have been waiting for someone to call
for almost four hours now. I have received a e-mail stateing that my case is open but nothing else.

Please advise
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Re: EVA5K 2C6D-C 50Hz 42U Graphite

I would have a look to the Support Case Manager in ITRC or just call again and make it urgent.

Hope this helps!

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