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EVA6400/Blade presentation Error

Mauro Gottardi
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EVA6400/Blade presentation Error

I'm integrating in an existing VMWare enviroment (4 DL385, 2 Cisco mds9124 fc switch, 1 msa2312fc) this solution:
1 C7000 with 4x BL465cG6 adn 2 Cisco MDS9124e
1 Eva 6400 with 2C2D
(See the attachedscheme)

The firmware of EVA and FCSwitch are the newest available.
The EVA6400 have 3 channel per-controller connected to the Cisco blade switch (9124e) and 1 loopback connector. The 4th ports of the Cisco blade switches (9124e) are connected to the existing Cisco FC Switch (9124) of the existing infrastructure.
The Command view server (DL360) is connected with 1 HBA (only 1) to one of the existing fc switch (9124).

We have two problems:
1.the command view see the controllers (A,B), but see the hosts only through controller-A path. We can present the LUN through HBA of blade hosts with port-1, but we cant through the port-2 (of all blade hosts).It's appaer how the B-controller is down (but it's up-and-runnig!). When we try to add host in Command view, the WWNs founded are only of port-1 (of all blade servers).

2.the existing hosts (DL385) connected to the existing switch (9124), are not founded by Command view (and cant be presented to EVA).

The zoning appear to be correct, the boot from SAN of blades work fine, but the problems still.

Can someone suggest something to me??
Phil West
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Re: EVA6400/Blade presentation Error

The Cisco switches use vsan's and zoning, so each port of the switch that you want to communicate needs to be in the same vsan. This vsan should also not be the default one, you should create one with a random number & ensure all ports are in that vsan.