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Emulex and Debian

Jose Colmenares
New Member

Emulex and Debian

Does anyone have tryed to get an FC2242SR (LPe11002)working on linux Debian, i´ve but i couldn´t?

Im trying to setup an A8002A (Emulex) HBA in linux debian but i can´t find the correct driver, can anyone help me?
Welington Braga
New Member

Re: Emulex and Debian

I'm looking for it, too.

I've bought a new HP storage and FC HBAs FC2242SR and I couldn't install them on Debian yet.

On Lenny it is recognized but I a error message is informed both on console and /var/log/syslog.

I will try RH4 that I have a licence but Id' like it works on Debian because it is easier to understand than RH-like S.O.