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Enabling Jumbo Frames

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Enabling Jumbo Frames


I want to enable jumbo frames on an msa 1040 that is currently in production. in an eESXI iscsi environment


1. When enabled do iscsi connections go down in anyway that could significatly impact production servers.
2. If the esxi hosts have a default MTU (1500) when we enable  jumbo frames will there be any issues ( since mtu is lower than than what is allowed i expect no issue)



Re: Enabling Jumbo Frames

Hello Timcc,

When we Enable the Jumbo Frame in the MSA, the host ports will reset, it will be for a very short period,

not sure how much it will impact in the production.

I would suggest to enable the Jumbo frame in the below order to ensure there is no issues with the production.

1) Enable the Jumbo size in the SWitch

2) Enable the Jumbo Frame in the MSA.

3) Enable  the Jumbo  Fram in the Host.

Therorically there should not be any issue in the production, however I would suggest to perform the activity after the business hours.




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