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Enclosure for a small server (MSA2XXX or D2600) ?

Henri Delebecque
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Enclosure for a small server (MSA2XXX or D2600) ?


I apologize for my limited english.

I own two MSA60 enclosure, containing mainly 3TB or larger SATA 3.5" Disks.

I'm looking for second hand newer enclosures. I looked for comparison between the MSA2XXX and D2600 with Google without success.

I will greatly appreciate any hint that can help me making the better choice.

Server: DL580 G7, DL385 G7.

Software: VMWare 6.0, Opensuse

Whole storage capacity: around 10T

Usage: mainly domestic, and small business



Re: Enclosure for a small server (MSA2XXX or D2600) ?

One thing you should be aware of is both servers are beyond End of Support Life. This means that you will have limited support options. When trying to buy a storage enclosure you need to first consider what Smart Array will work with the enclosure. For the DL385 Gen7 or the DL385 Gen7 you can use a P212, P411, or P812 Smart Array.  All of these Smart Arrays are compatable with the D2600 system. Depending on the drive size you are planning, you should be able to achieve 10TB easily.

You might also want to consider a D3600 instead of the D2600. The D3600 would be better suited for a DL Gen9 or even a DL Gen10 server. However, matching a D3600 with a new server would give you better support option and a faster (12G SAS) backend speed for better performance.

If you need to find which HPE components are compatable the best place to search is SPOCK:

This will let you find the server, Smart Array, enclosure, and hard drives that are compatable with each other to ensure you find a good solution.

Good luck!



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Henri Delebecque
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Re: Enclosure for a small server (MSA2XXX or D2600) ?


thanks for your answer.

I choose these servers and enclosures for their costs, even if they have limited support. Regarding the HBA, I own currently two LSI HBA for my MSA60, that allow dealing with my rather large SATA disks (above 2.2TB). I will by a HP H221 HBA, that should be able to manage them.

Thanks a lot for your link. It is the most usefull I find until now about HP storage solutions.

Best regards