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Error on P2000 G3 MSA

Denis Lanning
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Error on P2000 G3 MSA

Received a error report showing:


Supercapacitor failure. Status: cell 1 voltage is too high (27), State: failure (12) (p2: 3998, p3: 0)


Will this require a controller replacement?  How do I know which one?




Denis L.

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Re: Error on P2000 G3 MSA

You should have had further info stating which controller this came from.  Review the event logs again.


Run the CLI command # show sensor-status to view current state of the cell voltage.



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Re: Error on P2000 G3 MSA

In case of power loss the supercap delivers power to write the cache onto the flash card. You will see in the logs the reporting controller A or B.




But this could even be a false alarm if you running older firmware.


What is running?


Current is TS250P003

Hope this helps!

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