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Esx 4.0 and Hp p2000 G3 FC

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Esx 4.0 and Hp p2000 G3 FC

Dear All


I'm in trouble...


I've bought a Hp p2000 G3 FC for add new SAN on my HP blade server with ESX 4.0 but I not see the LUN.


for test I tried to connect the SAN at Win 2003 server and it work perfectly but otherwise when I try to connect it to ESX I not see the LUN, and I not see the Host on the SAN management.


The VSAN on the FC Swith is correct and the ESX configuration is correct, infact I've connect an EVA4400 and work perfectly.


I've read a lot of guide in the web without any result.


Is possible that the host HBA (ISP2432) is incompatible with the SAN? I've searched on the web but I not found anything.