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Eva 4000 Mirror Port Failed

Iulian Manole
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Eva 4000 Mirror Port Failed


After an intervention in data center that required Eva power off, i received an error about the Mirror Port 2 state that is failed.

I have attached a print screen from Command View with the error.

Can someone help me troubleshoot the problem?

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Re: Eva 4000 Mirror Port Failed

If the mirrored port has failed contact HP support at 1-800-345-3746 Fast path EVA on Microsoft.

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Re: Eva 4000 Mirror Port Failed

Hi Julian,
EVA 4/6/8k all have two mirror ports so it should be OK on the one for now.
If you wish to do some diags yourself then you could try reseating the combined sfp/cable for the mirror port on both controllers. It is labelled "MP2" and it should be third from the right as you look at the rear of the controllers.
If that does not work then try to replace that cable with a known good one.
Remember to do a "discover" or "refresh" after you have reseated the cables as command view can take a little while to realise that something has been repaired so it may still show a warning triangle at first. If it persists then it probably still has a problem!
If it still dosn't work then I would suspect that you have a broken controller MP2 port either A or B. You would then need to look through the controller event log to find out which one.
The controllers are not CSR/CRU so an HP engineer or your service provider may then be required to further diagnose or replace the problem controller.
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