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Eva400 Vdisk Presention

Mohamd AL-Kuraimi
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Eva400 Vdisk Presention

Dear all

We have EVA4400 and two storage this is site-A, The same site -B, how both site is replications is going on.through MPX110. i come to the point Site -A we have 3 BL460 servers it's connected with SAN storage .
our company programmer Dept they are asking for one additional partition from our SAN storage for there project purpose . We have 200Gb is there (idle) there is no relation with DR replication data of both site.
Here i have doubt can i delete 200gb from our SAN storage then create and percent our programmer dept server ? is it any infecting our DR replication performance and data ?
Pls answer me.
Kites BM
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Re: Eva400 Vdisk Presention


Correct me If I'm wrong.

you wanted to present 200GB of LUN to Dept server and you want to do this from EVA4400 located at site-A.

If dept server is connected to EVA4400 at site-A you can present this LUN and there should be in no way affecting your DR replication? just keep in mind that this LUN has nothing to do with your DR replication