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Expand Logical Drive with DL380 G4 & MSA20??

Pete King
Occasional Contributor

Expand Logical Drive with DL380 G4 & MSA20??

I Have a DL380 G4 Storage Server with attached MSA20. The OS is Windows 2003 Standard.

I have added 2 more SATA 250GB and I can see the expand Array option. But I want to be able to expand the existing 900GB logical drive.
The manual says some OS's dont allow you to expand a logical drive, but it doesn't tell you what the OS's are.

Or is my best option just to create a new logical drive out of the new array space?

I've never attempted an expand on a MSA box yet so this is all uncharted waters.

Thanks for any help!
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Expand Logical Drive with DL380 G4 & MSA20??

The expansion requires multiple steps.

You first EXPAND the existing disk drive array with the new disk drives from within ACU. The controller will move part of the data to the new disk drives. Relax - this can take several hours.

This creates free space at the end of the disk drive array. You can either create another logical disk in this area or EXTEND the existing logical disk drive (I think you will want the EXTENSION). Windows 2003 can deal with BASIC disks up to 2 TeraBytes.

Finally you need to enlarge the partition table and the NTFS file system. Use the DISKPART utility (comes with Windows 2003) to EXTEND the volume.