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Expand MSA 2040 volume

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Expand MSA 2040 volume

Now i have a HP MSA 2040 with 1 disks pool an 1 volume on it.

That how it look

How i can i use unollacated space?

As i look its inside volume, but unusual.


Re: Expand MSA 2040 volume


As per the picture it seems you are using MSA 2040 as Virtual array.

So in this case you have created one Thin Volume but you haven't mentioned the size of the Volume that you have created.

As per the picture we can see that you have 10TB usable space in the Pool and volumes part of this Pool can use this space.

As this is Thin volume which means space will get allocated from Virtual pool when new write will happen at the volume.

In current situation 7817GB of data already written in volume and that's why allocated space shows 7817GB.

Now I am assuming your volume size 20TB (even though you may be not created this much size)

Let's say you are trying to write another 183GB of data in the same volume, that time this 183GB of space will get allocated from unallocated space of 2232GB. It means after 183GB data write completed your Allocated space will show (7817GB + 183GB) = 8000GB and unallocated space will show (2232GB - 183GB) = 2049GB


Hope this helps!

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