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Expand volume on MSA 1050

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Expand volume on MSA 1050


I have 2 pools on a MSA 1050: pool A with 1 disk group with 4 SSD disks and pool B with 1 disk group with 7 SAS disks.

On this MSA I have 2 volumes: volume SSD linked to pool A and volume SAS linked to pool B.

I have added 4 SSD disks to the device, and I have created a second disk group on pool A, but, how can I expand the volume SSD to use the new disk group? because the volume have the same available disk space than had before...


Re: Expand volume on MSA 1050

So you have 1st disk group with 4 SSD drives named dg01 and 2nd disk group with 4 SSD drives named as dg02

Now both part of Pool A

In this condition you have not yet modified Volume size so you need to click on Volumes from the left hand panel and then from the middle of the page select Volumes named SSD and then click on Action-> Modify Volume

There you need mention size in the field "Expand By" of the amount of size that you wan to increase. For example, support your volume size is 33GB now and you want to increase it another 7GB then under "Expand By" field you need to mention 7GB. So finally you will see your volume size increased to 40GB

Next thing you need to check what type of Host Operating System this volume presented to. That host OS supports online filesystem extend or not. So accordingly you need to increase filesystem size as well if not host OS taking care automatically. Take Host OS expert help in this.


Hope this helps!

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