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Expanding EVA 3000 volumes

estratia poulos
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Expanding EVA 3000 volumes

I have an EVA 3000 with software version 3028. I am running an exchange 2003 server on it. I have LUNs defined for the transaction logs and database. I need to expand the spave available for the database. How do i go about doing this? There is a requested capacity box, do i just increase to what i want? Can i do it on the fly with exchange up? Will the server recognize the increase? Will it cause any issues with my exchange server database?

Chris Rosan
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Re: Expanding EVA 3000 volumes

I suggest doing all this out of hours....

Change the size in the capacity box. That will make the LUN bigger.

Then in windows disk manager (right click "My Computer", select "manage" and then go to "disk management" you should see extra space. You'll need to make the disk "dynamic" and then add the space.

This is the same for any windows drive.

A suggestion - If you've got a large database, seperate it into 2 different Information stores. This means that when you need to do maintenence tasks such as offline defrag's, you need have the spare disk space to do it in, half the time to do it and you only affect half your users. Depending on your environment you can put users from geographical locations into each IS to better time your maintenence tasks.

We did this recently on one of our servers (all these users are at one site so we made an A-K and an L-Z store). It means we need 1/2 the empty space for defrag's among other advantages.