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FCA 2214 Queue Depth

David Stoyer
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FCA 2214 Queue Depth

We're experience high latency (read & write) to an XP128 from a Windows 2003 server and received a recommendation to increase the queue depth on our HBA. We've read that that the queue depth on an FCA2214 is controlled by the "Execution Throttle" parameter that is configured in the HBA's NVRAM. Is this the correct parameter to change to increase the queue depth when using the storport drivers? Is there any guidance on setting this parameter? Are there any other configuration changes that need to be made to increase the queue depth?
Mihoum mounir
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Re: FCA 2214 Queue Depth

HI David

I have a similar problem and would like to know if you get something about this point?

What are the exact parameter that you have changed and how did you did it