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FCA2214 FC HBA in windows cluster connected to SUN SAN

Gene Levesque
New Member

FCA2214 FC HBA in windows cluster connected to SUN SAN

I have 2 proliant Dl380 g4 in a 2 node microsoft windows 2003 sp1 cluster. Each server has an FC2214 2 GB HBA connected to a separate 3850 Brocade SAN switch, with is connected to a SUN SAN.

I've noticed that if I "reboot" the "prefered" node, the backup node takes over the cluster just fine, but when the prefered node comes back up, the HBA appears to be disabled (doesn't recognize the SAN). and I'm getting an event id 1034 for ClusSvc, and ultimately doesn't perform a failback.

If instead of performing a reboot, and do a shutdown, and wait a few minutes, and power backup...the node comes back up fine and performs the failback just right.

I retried the reboot scenario a few times and noticed that in effect, when the server actually goes down, the green led in back of the HBA stays green from beginning of reboot, though the POST until when the OS starts to load, at this point, it dims. I can unplug and replug and connection returns green.
Utimately it seems that the HBA still tries to keep it's connection to the SAN on a reboot and never gets released and gets bunged up wwhen the OS loads.

Has anyone run into this and what can I do to resolve?

many thanks