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FCA2214 windows 2003 multiple paths

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FCA2214 windows 2003 multiple paths

I installed a fca2214 on a proliant gl360 g4 connected to a EVA 5000 running windows 2003. The EVA has two controllers and multiple paths for failover/redundancy. I have presented 1 virtual disk to this host. The problem is that windows shows two disks. There are also two EVA 5000 listed under the device manager - raid controllers. Why does windows see two disks and what needs to be done so it only shows one.

Steven Clementi
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Re: FCA2214 windows 2003 multiple paths


Looks like you need some multipath software.

You can either buy Secure Path or...

for free.... download the Basic MPIO DSM. Click below for more info...

The only drawback with the Basic MPIO is that you do not have any interface to control paths or load balancing, etc.

Also, normally, you should see multiple EVA 5000's listed under SCSi and RAID Controllers. In a properly configured environment, you should see 4 of these entries since there are 4 paths from the EVA. The fact that your only seeing 2 tells me either your zoning is not properly configured or perhaps your host is not fully defined on the EVA via Command View EVA. After creating the host, you need to go back in and add the second HBA WWID, if you have a second one.

Since you have a Dl360G4, I can assume that you only have 1 slot. The FCA2214 also comes in a dual port package I believe. (so you can have the server connected to 2 different fabrics)

This also assumes thatyou have redundant fabrics, which you did not go into detail with.

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Re: FCA2214 windows 2003 multiple paths

We currently have two DL360 G4 which seem to have two PCI slots (each has two).