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FCA2355 HBA Uninstall

Richard Jones_8
Occasional Visitor

FCA2355 HBA Uninstall

Hi There,

I need to uninstall a KGPSA card (driver v5.4.81.9)from a W2K machine and would like to know -

Will the lputilnt.exe config tool be uninstalled at the same time as I uninstall the card through device manager? If not am I able to just delete the .exe file from \WINNT\system32?

kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: FCA2355 HBA Uninstall

Hi Richard,

if you uninstall the driver via device manager then yes it will also remove the lputilnt.exe from Winnt\system32 directory together with some other files.

If for some reason you still need the lpntutil you can simply copy it upfront to some other location. But it is part of each driver package for those cards on the web.

I just tried it out and can confirm the removal of the lputilnt.exe file out of the system32 directory.

regards, Kris

Richard Jones_8
Occasional Visitor

Re: FCA2355 HBA Uninstall

Hi Kris,

Thank you very much for you reply!