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Failed logical drive on MSA1500

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Failed logical drive on MSA1500

We had a catastrophic failure of LD 1 in the array and lost data. I am trying to understand how this could have happened and how to prevent it in the future.


We had two drives (1:2 and 3:1) in the 12 drive array show status of "Predictive Failure" and the Ld was operational with warnings about the two drives. There are two online spares shared between the 4 arrays and 14 unassigned drives.


We replaced one of the "Predictive Failure" drives (1:2) and the RAID set failed. We tried re-inserting the old drive and re-enabling the LD, but it failed.


I have had drives fail before and the online spares kicked in, then we replaced the failed drives and made them spares.


I have two questions...


Why didn't the spares kick in ?


Why would the LD continue to operate with the "Predictive Failure" drives and fail when we tried to replace one ?