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Failover/Failback EVA4400 + ESX3.5


Failover/Failback EVA4400 + ESX3.5

We're doing some DR testing with CA on two EVA4400's and something is not clear to me.

When we create the Vdisk we use Path B-Failover/Failback settings so that Controller 2 is the managing controller for that Vdisk.

When we create a new DRgroup and put that Vdisk in the newly DRgroup we see that the the PathB Failover/Failback is set but that the Managing controller changed from 2 to 1...

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Failover/Failback EVA4400 + ESX3.5

Is the virtual disk added to an already-existing DR_group?

All virtual disks that belong to one DR_group are managed by the same controller (to ensure proper I/O ordering in the replication and the WHL).