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Failover manager goes offline

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Failover manager goes offline

I have 2 brand new P4300G2 nodes.  I brought up FOM running as a VM in VMware player.  When I add the FOM into the management group it adds successfully.  It shows normal for a short period of time then goes offline.  If I reboot it, it comes up normally but then goes back to offline.  I can ping it just fine and the VM comes up just fine.


Re: Failover manager goes offline

When you say the FOM is going offline, are you getting the error "manager offline" or the error "cannot find system at". If its giving you the error the manager is just offline but the CMC can still see it then you are having network connection issues, likely a configuration issue on VMWare Player. If it cannot find the system at all, I would check that its not frozen in VMWare Player and if its not, then again likely to be a network configuration issue in VMWare Player. I would check to ensure you have the networking set to "bridge adapter" and that its set to the NIC that you have in the SAN subnet.