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Failover of RDM Disk

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Failover of RDM Disk

Dual EVA 4400
Dual c7000 Blade chassis with BL460 G1 Servers
ESX Vsphere 4 Servers

Blade 1
Installed with ESX VSphere 4
Virtual machine on VMFS Datastore created on VSphere Centre
RDM disk created on EVA and presented to Blade 1
Added hard drive on Virtual machine and pointed to RDM disk

Created DR Group on EVA and added in RDM Disk. Replicated RDM disk presented to Blade 2.

Blade 2
Virtual machine on VMFS Datastore (cloned from original VM on Blade 1)

DR Group failed over

Blade 2 can see the LUN of the RDM disk when a HBA rescan is done.

When attempting to add the RDM to the failover VM the RDM is greyed out.

Attempted multiple rescans and waited for an hour, RDM still greyed out.

Does anyone know how to get the failover RDM disk to be added to the failover VM?