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Fibre channel troubleshooting


Fibre channel troubleshooting

Hi everybody,

what commands do you recommend to troubleshoot my FC interface?
I have a directly attached MSA1000 box. After a reboot the MSA devices do not show up in ioscan, the FC card itself is claimed.

The MSA controller shows OFFLINE.

What commands can I use to troubleshoot the FC card, whether it is causing the problem?

Thanks for your help!
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Nguyen Anh Tien
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Re: Fibre channel troubleshooting

Hi Charlie
Refer this document
Chapter 4.
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Mohamed  K Ahmed
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Re: Fibre channel troubleshooting

(1) Check you connections and ensure that the ports are working
(2) Check the drives and make sure they connect to the right port on the controller (you might have the drives on ID 100-199 but the cable is connected to port 1 on the controller which only sees id's 1-99
(3) Check if the FC card itself is recognized by the system

The system should be up in order to see the drives from the system level (by that I mean the system shoulf load the drivers for the card and see it correctly