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Fibre driver request..

Arjan Schel
Occasional Advisor

Fibre driver request..


I have received a A3740 Fibre card PCI and a FC60, which i want to connect to each other.
I have Windows 2000 (i believe 2000 is supported)...

Does anyone have Windows 2000 Drivers for this Fibre Card?
Furthermore, I have downloaded, which should be able to configure the FC60 from within windows. Is this correct, do i need anything else for this?

Any help would be appreciated.

Best regards,
Peter Mattei
Honored Contributor

Re: Fibre driver request..

Hi Arjan

The A3740 is an HP-UX only HBA that cannot be used for Windows!
Also note that there are two firmware streams for the FC60
1. for HP-UX
2. for Windows 2000

So the FC60 has to be set for Windows use.

Also see the service manual
and the users guide for Windows

Anyway, the FC60 is a very old array which is end of support for quite a while.
I wold not put too much effort in setting it up.

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