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Firmware for Storageworks 4/16 Switch

Jon Dyke
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Firmware for Storageworks 4/16 Switch

Does anyone know where I can get firmware version 5.1.1b for the Storageworks 4/16 Switch?

Problem I have is that the earliest version listed for download on the HP site is 5.3.1 (6.2 is the latest) but this says it needs a minimum of 5.1.1b to install. Bit of an issue as I am on 5.0.1b so have to update to 5.1.1b before I can go any further....yet it is nowhere to be found :-(
Sheldon Smith

Re: Firmware for Storageworks 4/16 Switch

HP has internal archives of old Brocade firmware. Contact your HP Support and tell them what you are looking for. They should be able to dredge it up.

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