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Gen9 servers P2000 G3 SAS

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Gen9 servers P2000 G3 SAS

I cant believe that Gen9 servers will not work with

P2000 G3 SAS 

I have read that the H221 Host Bus Adapter can be used on Gen9 server to connect, but not officially supported.

I cant risk spending 10k on a server only to have it not work, and be told, 'it's not supported'

I keep waiting for updated driver for the H241 smart HBA card to work with our P2000 G3 SAS storage unit.

Seems it will never happen. 

Big supprise, not going to purchase any Gen9 servers.



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Re: Gen9 servers P2000 G3 SAS

There is an issue that is being worked with partners to resolve the issue. If I'm correct, the last remaining issue is with VMware.  I'd talk to your HP rep to get the details.  Also, there is a process where you can get support for the H221 through a "Deal Exception Request" or DER. Not sure this would be an issue but the H221 only supports 6Gb SAS.  Regardless, I suggest you talk to your HP Rep to get the latest details.