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HA Testing with MSA 2012FC and 8/20Q Switches

Simon Green_2
Occasional Contributor

HA Testing with MSA 2012FC and 8/20Q Switches


I'm writing a couple of procedures for testing our HA storage environment and basically want to test a failover in the event of a failure of either one of our 8/20q switches and either one of the controllers in our MSA 2012FC.
Whats the best way for each device - should I simply power each 8/20q (one at a time of course) or is there a better way? Likewise I just intend to shutdown each controller on the MSA - again is there a better way of doing this?
Graham Norbury
Occasional Visitor

Re: HA Testing with MSA 2012FC and 8/20Q Switches

There are three options:
1 - Power off the switch
2 - Unplug the MSA from the switch
3 - 'Offline' the ports of the MSA from with in the switch Quicktool GUI. To do this log in with a brower and right click on the ports you wish to offline and select 'port properties. You can do this with more than one port at a time.

As for the MSA I'm not such an expert but I guess powering off one controller on the MSA will simulate an unexpected power failure quite well.

I hope that helps