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HBA compatibilty matrix for the MSA1000

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HBA compatibilty matrix for the MSA1000

Hi Folks,

Am I mistaken, or is the FC-2214 card exactly the same as a Qlogic 2340 HBA??

Where can I find a HBA compatibilty matrix for the MSA1000?

I hope somebody can help me soon due to some plans we need to set up.

Uwe Zessin
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Re: HBA compatibilty matrix for the MSA1000

The FCA2214 package contains a logic board from HP (which is a Qlogic 2340, yes), a manual from HP and a warranty and service obligation from HP.

So, it is not 'exactly the same'.

The compatibility guide has a section on fibre channel adapter compatibility:
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Re: HBA compatibilty matrix for the MSA1000

Well I obviously realize that the HP manual and Support make it a HP product.

But what I naturally am looking to confirmed is whether the 2340 is technically the same as a 2214. We have about three retail versions of the 2340's on the shelf and would like to use these in a few Dell servers which we in turn would like to configure into a Netware cluster and then connect this cluster via the 2340's to a MSA 1500 which in turn is connected to three MSA1000 storage units.
What we don't want are compatibilty issues to start bugging us after installation which cost us months to identify, only to find that there is a definite technical or firmware difference between the two cards.

Has anyone got such an experience?


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Re: HBA compatibilty matrix for the MSA1000


Coming from HP Storage Support I will give you a answer but it is probably not what you want. The FCA2214 card is the same as the QL2340. Basically the main difference is the firware. There are only certain firmware revs that HP will support and certify on their adapters. It was the same with the old Emulex LP8000 adapters. HP did not support the adapters that came directly from Emulex but you could flash the firmware on the adapters to HPs supported revision and it would work fine. Where you run into a issue is with support. If you call in with issues and you are not using their branded adapter they can deny you service. Here is basically what you wanted to hear:

I have worked with numbersous people using the QLogic adapter they have been able to get it to work. I have even worked with people that could get Secure Path to work fine.

Now my opinion is do not use a non supported adapter and stay within the compatibility matrix that HP provides. It will save you major support headaches not to mention if you run into a issue that needs elevation you give HP's Engineering a way to tell you that your unsupported.