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HP 2040 expand pool with new disk group

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HP 2040 expand pool with new disk group

Hi all!

I had a MSA 2040 with 12 disks. I created a pool with 11-disks group, type was virtual pool. Now, i buy some new disks, same information, same type, same size ...

As i read from HP MSA guide, i create new disk group (6 disks). Everything seem to be fine, data was expanded (or moved, or copied .. i'm not sure) to a new disk group and release free space on old disk group. But after someday, the free space of NEW disk group are only 2%.

Anyone can explain to me: is it safe or i need to do something?

Thank you


Re: HP 2040 expand pool with new disk group

You created Virtual Disk Group with 11 drives and then next time you created Virtual Disk Group with 6 drives which means 5 drives shortage. This is the reason small VDG run out of space quickly.

Any volume data gets widely distributed accross all drives part of the same Pool. You should follow Best pactice white paper to get more details,

You can also refer Best practice white paper for MSA 2040 and go to Page 18 and refer section "Expanding Virtual Volumes"


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Re: HP 2040 expand pool with new disk group

What happens when you expand an MSA 2040 virtual disk pool with a new disk group with larger sized drives?

For example, we have an existing virtual disk group of 8 * 300 GB drives and want to add a new virtual disk group of 8 * 600 GB drives. Will we get the full capacity of 600 GB drives when we add the new virtual disk group?




Re: HP 2040 expand pool with new disk group


Typically when you talk about "expanding" this indicates you are adding drives to an existing disk-group or vdisk to increase the size of the disk-group. 

The following explination is for virtual disk-groups and volumes.

For your question to get the full use of the 600Gb drives, you should create a new disk-group and add that disk-group to the existing pool that contains the 300Gb disk-group. For example, if you currently have Pool A with dgA01 containing the 300Gb drives, you would create a new disk-group dgA02 using the 600Gb drives.

You would then have the option to increase the size of the volume using the new disk-group (dgA02).

You can also do a similar action if you are using linear vdisks and volumes. For more detailed informaiton you can refer to the MSA2040 SMU Guide as well:


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Re: HP 2040 expand pool with new disk group

If a disk group has a different capacity like in your example one VDG having 300GB drives and another VDG having 600GB drives, then the number of pages stored on it will eventually differ compared to other disk group in that Tier, and would therefore also lead to unpredictable performance.

Regarding capacity utilization, there will not be a problem and you can fully utilize both VDG but due to capacity difference you will face performance issue.


Hope this helps!

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