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HP Brocade Fiber Switch Interop Question

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HP Brocade Fiber Switch Interop Question

Hello -

I am stuck on this one and have been for a few weeks now. I have 2 HP Brocade SAN Switches in 2 separate C3000 blade enclosures. I also have a Cisco MDS 9124 Fiber switch that I want to use in the middle of them. All 3 switches have the latest possible firmware installed. Through trial and error and some Cisco Tech support, I was able to almost get this to work. The HP Brocades were both in InterOp mode 0 and the Cisco MDS was in InterOp mode 2. Using this and setting the RXBBCredit to 16 I was able to get the two brocade switches to see each other THROUGH the Cisco switch but not see anything plugged into the Cisco switch


Working with Cisco and reading ALOT; I changed the setup to put the 2 HP Brocade Switches in InterOp mode 2 and the Cisco MDS in InterOp mode 4. This worked partially. The 8 GB HP Borcade switch, in InterOp mode 2 has 2 domain IDs. One is in the 97-127 range and the other is in 1-32 range. This setup allowed the 8 GB HP Brocade SAN switch to talk to the Cisco MDS 9124 fine. When I tried to duplicate this on the 4GB HP SAN Switch, it only has 1 domain ID while in InterOp mode 2. I am thinking that if I can get it to show the second domain ID in the range of 97-127, then they should all talk. I just can figure out how to force it to have 2 domain IDs.


In the meantime, so I can keep the network running, I connected the 2 HP Brocade switches together and left out the Cisco MDS. The 2 HP Switches see each other and share zone information fine while directly connected.


Any ideas?


Oh, By the way;

Brocade Switch 1 is model number: AE370A 

Brocade Switch 2 is model number: AJ820A


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Re: HP Brocade Fiber Switch Interop Question

Does anyone have any ideas on this? I could really use the help!