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HP EVA P6350 Direct connect to ESXi Host with Brocade 825 HBA

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HP EVA P6350 Direct connect to ESXi Host with Brocade 825 HBA


I have some problem with direct connection of Brocade 825 HBA at ESXi Host to HP Eva P6350. 
The problem is in paths detection to storage. Sometimes i saw in vSphere client that BR 825 connected with EVA 
at 1st port. There are no any info about connection when i click to the secont port. 
For example when i perform reboot of Esxi host - Then in vSphere client i saw ANOTHER port connected to EVA and 
no info about 1st port. Also i have 3rd situation when I saw 2 port normally connected to EVA: 
1st in Active I/O 
2nd in Active mode. 
So I have misunderstanding why it happens. 
Noticed that I can see two ports connected to Eva(3rd situation) when I not just reboot host, but reboot and also just 
enter in HBA BIOS and exit. A 

HBAs configured in loop mode with BCU. 
In addition: when I enter the HBA bios with CTRL+B I cannot change default P2P mode to Loop. 

I have installed last bios verion v.3.2.3 to HBA, also installed the same version of HBA driver to ESXi. 

Thank you. 
Regards, Egor