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HP MSA 1510i iSCSI config

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HP MSA 1510i iSCSI config

Hi ! I have an MSA 1510i with 2 controller and I want to setup the iSCSI params.

I found an step by step guide and my final configuration is working with 1 pc for the tests.

But I can't found some explanation about the number of portals / portal group needs for an correct setup.

My actual setup :

- 2 arrays with 1 target by array

- On each port (SA0,SA1,SB0,SB1) 2 IP Adress with 2 portals on each IP

- for the targets :

Target 1 : portal group "main" with 4 portals of SA0 and portal group "back"  with 4 portals of SB0

Target 2 : portal group "main" with 4 portals of SA1 and portal group "back"  with 4 portals of SB1

and for finish , 1 initiator allowed to all target (1 pc connected for the moment)


Planned use : HP C7000 with 10 BL460C G1 with ESXi (regardless of hardware setup of switch etc)

If I understand correctly the bases of iSCSI, I need 1 initiator by BL460C. But my setup (ports, portals groups etc) is good for the setup or I need to setup more portals / ip / portal group / anything else ?

Thanks a lot !

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Re: HP MSA 1510i iSCSI config


I first have to caution you on the age of this product. The MSA1510i went End of Support Life 21 December 2015. Additionally, the MSA1510i only supported ESXi 3.5. Newer versions of ESXi which use ATS would likely be incompatable with the array.

The way you are setting up the target portals is incorrect. Redundant data path portals will be SB0 and SB1. So you would have SA0 and SB0 as a target and SA1 and SB1 as another. Please refer to the following link which will perhaps help with your configuration.

I still suggest you consider using a new product which will have spare parts, new hard drives and supportability with new firmware and features. The MSA1050 has currently released new firmware and would likely fit your needs. Plus the performance would be much better!



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Re: HP MSA 1510i iSCSI config

Thanks for reply, I planed to use this san for education and tests only and I have get it at lowest price, so the end of support is not important for me.

Okay, the portal maping is more sense like as you have suggest for redundant data paths, my first approch was one controler for one array but it seems to not be good.

I have follow an guide like you give the link but nowhere I found some details about the number of portal need for x server (1 for 1 server, 1 for 1 physical lan port on server ...)

I suppose the correct setup is 1 portal (ip:port like for exemple) for 1 physical lan on server but I'm not sure..

Thanks a lot