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HP MSA 2000 SNMP monitoring

Kris Wolton

HP MSA 2000 SNMP monitoring



I have had an HP support case open for this, but they didn't resolve it. We use a product called Logic Monitor to monitor servers, switches & san's. It is a standard SNMP based utility and they are pretty good at keeping it up to date for different devices.


However hard i try i have never been able to get any meaningfull information out of an MSA2000 SAN by SNMP, all you get is a HP Health (which tells you nothing) and the standard network stats, that's it. They cannot gather any information for space used, iSCSI stats etc etc. We monitor an HP lefthand SAN with the same product and it gived you loads of information, so i know they CAN do it.


Has anyone managed to get the proper MIB's from HP? Has anytone managed to monitor detailed information from them?

For an enterprise product it's really poor they don't include this monitoring.



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Re: HP MSA 2000 SNMP monitoring



I'm not sure if you've been directed to the link below for the latest MIB kit. The actual MIB file for the MSA2000 is msa2000traps.mib


HP Systems Insight Manager - MIB Kit


You might also want to look at the MSA 2000 family Reference guide for more information about monitoring the array via SNMP.


MSA2000 family Reference Guide


Hope this helps!


I work for HP

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Kris Wolton

Re: HP MSA 2000 SNMP monitoring

Great, thanks for the update, i have sent the MIB's to them.


I have a previous case open for this (case 4648353069) and the last reply from the engineer was:


Hi Kris,

            I would like to inform you that P2000 g3 array is not capable of providing the info you are looking for and comparing with P4000 SAN. They are two different SAN altogether.



Sushil Kavi
Technical Solutions Consultant
ESSN  - Storage Works Divisions

Hewlett-Packard Company


And Logic Monitor actually said the SAN did not provide enough information when they ran their MIB walk. Could you please let me know what information the SAN can provide so that i can give them an idea of what they can expect to get out of it?


Kind Regards



Kris Wolton

Re: HP MSA 2000 SNMP monitoring

Just looked at the MIB files, they have not been updated since 2008.


They are in one 2Kb mib files, where as the Lefthand SAN's have 11 mib files, up to 15KB in size to monitor every aspect of the SAN.


Why can't the MSA SAN's have better SNMP support?? They are a critical part of a SMB network and thus you should be able to monitor them with much more detail then are have currently.


HP - please update these so that we can get at least storage information/LUN information from them.