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Re: HP MSA 2012sa problems creating a new XenServer SR!!!!

Paul Swainson
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HP MSA 2012sa problems creating a new XenServer SR!!!!

Hi all,


We have 8 bl460c in 2 c3000 enclosures, they are linked via p700m controller connected to x2 3gbs sas switchs and then connected to a dual port MSA 2012sa. We have had Citrix Xen Server 5.5 running for around 3 years no problems. Recently I wanted to add a new storage repositery from the MSA2012sa.


I use hp dm-multipath driver and cmd line to view the new volumes and grab thier scsi ids to create and SR.
 Xenserver on all hosts returns a BACKEND FAILIER 19, it does not exist! However all the original volumes (LUNS) are working ok. multipath -ll can see the new volumes and allocate scsi ids for them, so its not s software issue.


I have connected hp storage and after looking at the logs say there is nothing wrong with. However, I had this same problem for a while when it was first set. after a few reboots etc, the xe sr-create command wokred fine.


So, I have just come acros this advisory:


Although the firmware on the msa is not the version mentioned (allthough not being able to create a new SR looks like the same behaviour) I wanted to check with anyone the version im running could contain bugs that are causing me this issue.


Here are the firmware details currently:


Current Storage Controller Code Version        J300P13  
Current Storage Controller Loader Code Version    15.010  
Current Memory Controller FPGA Code Version    F300R22  
Current Management Controller Code Version    W430R31  
Current Management Controller Loader Code Version 12.013  
Current Expander Controller Code Version    3022  
Current CPLD Version                27 


I have also install a new version of xen (6.02) on one host and installed dm-multipath, it can see all volumes on the msa20912 in multipath mode, but can not create a storage repository.


Should i install the newer version, or am I barking up the wrong tree?






Re: HP MSA 2012sa problems creating a new XenServer SR!!!!



I'm having the same problem, a fresh install of twh xen 6.1 with P700m.


Did you find a solution to your problem ?