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HP MSA 2040 Degraded Status due to Disk healthy

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HP MSA 2040 Degraded Status due to Disk healthy

Hii guys,


I have HP MSA 2040 storage. I have an issue on a enclosure. One disk is showing LEFTOVR status and I checked the status and it is showing "the disk may contain invalid metadata" .The particular disk showing solid amber 


Please help me to resolve this issue?


Re: HP MSA 2040 Degraded Status due to Disk healthy


If a disk is showing leftover there are several steps you need to take to confirm overall health of your system.

First, are all the Pools or VDisks Fault Tolerant Online (FTOL)? If you have a Pool, disk-group, or Vdisk that is in a degraded or offline state please contact HPE Support immediately to help assist with recovery. 

If all your Pools, disk-groups, or Vdisks are FTOL you should review the logs for any disk errors. If the disk has had multiple disk errors then it needs to be replaced. If yoiu see unrecoverable read errors (UREs), SMART trips, or other ASQ/ASCI errors then the drive has gone into a leftover state due to bad drive media and should not be used again. Replace the disk and assign as a global spare or a dedicated vdisk spare.

If the drive has gone into a leftover state due to some other error you will need to carefully consider whether the drive is safe to use further. Depending on the age and use of the drive it may be a better option to replace the drive in order to protect your data.

If the drive has timed out or just recently been placed into the system you may clear the disk metadata in order to reuse the drive. For further information on how to use this command please review the CLI Guide:

Be aware that clearing disk metadata may cause data loss if not done properly. If you have questions or concerns please open a support case. This type of troubleshooting is not suitable for a forum.


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