HP MSA 2040

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HP MSA 2040



I'm trying to configure a MSA 2040 and having trouble with the network config.


I have the MSA 2040 connected to 2 DL380s (cross cabled with 10GB iSCSI DACs, each DL380 to both controllers)


I'm trying to get Xencenter to create an SR for me but it does not discover the IQNs so I assume I have set the MSA 2040 up wrong.  I found it quite confusing how to configure everything from  disks to disk groups to pools to volumes to volume groups to initiators to hosts to host groups and most importantly mapping as there seemed to be endless permutations of what to map.


I'm using SMU v3 and want to do thin provisioning.


I know there is an SMU reference guide and it tells me how do to everything but that's only useful if you know what to do!


Is there a simple step by step process that tells me how to set the MSA 2040 up as shared storage for XenServer?