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HP MSA1500cs, BL25p BladeSystem & McDATA 4Gb SAN Switch

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HP MSA1500cs, BL25p BladeSystem & McDATA 4Gb SAN Switch

Not sure if this is the correct place to post this one... but it seems as good as any...

I have a Enhanced BL p-Class Enclosure with BL25P servers, a CGESM Interconnect Switch and a McDATA 4Gb SAN Switch ('internal' BL version) connecting to a 'dual FC port' MSA1500cs.

The BL25p's have the Dual port Fibre Channel Adapter (381881-B21) installed and the CGESM Interconnect Switch has the Storage Connectivity 'enabler' installed.

I installed Windows 2003 Server EE (32-bit), with SP1, via a USB CD-ROM using HP SmartStart 7.40 (There is no RDP in this environment). MPIO for Windows 2003 has been installed.

I have connected the MSA1500 Fibre Controllers to Port Ext:0 on both McDATA SAN switches (i.e. Dual Path).

I am unable to 'see' the MSA1500 controllers from ACU within Windows or when I boot the server with the MSA1000/1500cs support CD.

I have tried it as single path by disabling each of the fibre paths in turn (removed the cable from the MSA FC I/O port), but still I see nothing from Windows ACU or the Support CD.

I can see that both of the server FC HBA ports and both of the MSA FC I/O ports have 'logged in' to the McDATA SAN fabrics (on both switches).

No zoning exists on either McDATA switch.

All firmware versions are 'supported', but to be fair they are not all the latest available.

I am at a loss as to where to look next... This should just work!

I have spent a whole day chasing my tail with this configuration and I loosing the will to live...

Any ideas……… please?




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Steven Clementi
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Re: HP MSA1500cs, BL25p BladeSystem & McDATA 4Gb SAN Switch


I can't remember if on a McData switch, the default config is to NOT allow anything to see anything else vs. the brocade switches where ANYTHING can see EVEYTHING with no zoning.

What I am saying is, you may need to configure some zoning to get the items to see each other.

If your drivers for the HBA's have been loaded properly, you should be able to run acu and automatically see the MSA.

Steven Clementi
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Basil Vizgin
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Re: HP MSA1500cs, BL25p BladeSystem & McDATA 4Gb SAN Switch

Default Zone
The Default Zone parameter enables (True) or disables (False) communication among ports/devices that
are not defined in the active zone set or when there is no active zone set. This parameter applies only
when the interop mode is set to McDATA Fabric Mode. The Default Zone parameter must be the same on
all switches in the fabric and is, therefore, automatically distributed throughout the fabric
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Re: HP MSA1500cs, BL25p BladeSystem & McDATA 4Gb SAN Switch

Steve & Basil,

Many thanks for your help and advice.

It was indeed a zoning (or lack of) issue on the McDATA SAN switch. All working now!

10 pts each.