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HP MSA2312 Dual controller


HP MSA2312 Dual controller


Recently we have a disk failure in enclosure 3 slot 3 of HP MSA2312FC storage device. It was replaced now but still we are getting events that "Disk Channel error in encl 3 slot 32". And we are getting error that " debug log data could not be collected" while downloading the suppport log file.

We restarted both management controllers but no use. MSA is running on latest version.

Please help to get out of this error.


Re: HP MSA2312 Dual controller

Generally this error comes due to IO module issue........may be you can check if all drive enclosure IO module hardware error free or can try below options,

1> Take a downtime and stop Host IO

2> Shutdown MSA along with all drive enclosures

3> physically re-seat all IO modules and backend SAS cables

4> Rule out if any drive failure or any other hardware failure exists

5> power up MSA and do a rescan

5> make sure all firmware up to date for all MSA components like Controller firmware, drive enclosure IO module firmware and drives

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