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HP P2000 Reset password

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HP P2000 Reset password

Hi to all

I have a hp storage work p2000 and forget admin password and manage password.

how can the restore password without reset to factory?

please help.


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Re: HP P2000 Reset password

Resetting password on P2000 G3 MSA systems generally cannot be done; however you can contact HP support to check if L3 support can help you in this regard.


Hope this helps!!




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Re: HP P2000 Reset password

One can reset the password with serial connection to  HP P2000. Please, contact HP Support for further assistance.

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Re: HP P2000 Reset password


For you to reset the password from STORAGE P2000 G3. Access the STORAGE whit USB cable using an emulator (putty).

User: restoredefaults
pass: MACADDRESS      ==> first check the MACADDRESS of the controller.

Just wait 3 minutes, then you can access again whit,

user: manage
pass: !manage 

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Re: HP P2000 Reset password

This operation reset only the password or the storage resets all settings to the factory settings?
the storage restarts full or controller only?

Re: HP P2000 Reset password

you can check this discussion where one output shared by someone........hope this helps to understand what all gets change,

I work for HPE
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