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HP P2000 SAN configuring e-mail

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HP P2000 SAN configuring e-mail

How do I configure Alerting on P2000 SAN to use a FQDN "cloud"name rather than an IP Address

e.g. ""



Re: HP P2000 SAN configuring e-mail

Hello @aich365,

As per your query below document can be helpful to resolve this issue:

Link : HPE P2000 G3 MSA System SMU Reference Guide.

Kindly refer to the above reference guide (Section: Configuring the system).

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Re: HP P2000 SAN configuring e-mail

As per my understanding, in case of "Configure Email Notification" section you want to use FQDN instead of IP address in the "SMTP Server address" field right ?

In that case it's not possible as this is as per design. However you can adjust the same in the Server side and resolve FQDN with respective IP address.

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