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HP P2000 database cluster solution (please help)

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HP P2000 database cluster solution (please help)

Dear All,


Now, I try to make a solution about Database cluster with HP SAN solution.

But I don't know about all of item which I need to list and purchase.


For the first, I design like below:


2x HP 380p G8 Server

1x SAN Switch (8/8)

1x HP P2000 G3 MSA Array Systems FC Dual Controller


Colud you please help me to list all of (minimum) item that I need in this solution?

(SAN Switch, Switch option/module/license, HBA for server and SAN, FC cable?)



Johan Guldmyr
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Re: HP P2000 database cluster solution (please help)



doesn't HP have sales people that can help with this? =)


The single SAN switch is a SPOF. If you're not going to create a fabric (connect SAN switches together) then most of the license options don't apply (trunking, fabric watch, etc). 

For redundancy purposes most people have two SAN switches and dual port FC HBA in the servers. This is for redundancy but also in case of upgrades you can upgrade one fabric without affecting the other one.


HP Storage Options (fc cards) for the 380p Gen8 are in here: Options


Do you want QLogic, Emulex or Brocade FC HBA? There are some differences between the vendors. for more info.


Think about which types of disks you'll need in the P2000. If high iops is not necessary perhaps that 7200 RPM disks are fine.

Getting good performance out of the P2000 might take some work but it can be done.


When you buy the switch, make sure you get the SFPs as well and 8Gbps SWL SFPs if that's what you want.

LC/LC cables are what you want.

Get a connector cleaner to clean the connectors on the cable.


SAN switch quickspecs (cables and SFPs listed inside):

Notice the length you can go with OM3 at 8Gbps.