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HP P2000G3 SAS Crasiest Bug EVER !

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HP P2000G3 SAS Crasiest Bug EVER !


i have a server in production = C7000G2 + Bl460g6 x3 + P712m + P2000g3 SAS 

running server 2012 r2,

everything work perfectly.


i bought used the exact same parts, to build another setup similar,

all part as been upgraded to last firmware and drivers alone with server 2012 r2 up to date.


here the bug :

IF  Vdisk owner is A nothing is working, the servers hang with this error on each : 

id 129
Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued.

if i switch to owner B , everything is working back again.. 

if i shutdown the unit and remove controller B and reboot, i will have in the GUI

Vdisk  Current owner A and preferred owner B . data will flow perfectly :) if switch the preferred owner to A when Vdisk is already attribuated to A anyway as B is not there, the data will stop flowing and will get error again !!!

here what i tested : 

swaped with 6x P2000g3 sas controllers i had on shelf, 2 P2000g3 enclosures , different SFF-8088 cabling, Dl385G7 fresh install with 2012 r2 and 2016 with HBA 221 to avoid using the C7000G2 and the switchs, its always the same storry. 

im using last version in the P2000g3 = TS252P001

i also tried with 2 old version controller = TS240 . its always the same thing.

i tried with D2700 enclosure added to test 2 2.5'' disk, tried NRAID with a single disk, 



if the Preffered owner is A im done.


i worked 14 days triying everything , i cant sleep , i never face such issue.

your help will be more than appreciated. thx...


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Re: HP P2000G3 SAS Crasiest Bug EVER !

with only 1 cable from 1 single switch mapped to 1 port only from the bllade to 1 port of the P200g3 trough A4 port everything is working fine.

as you see the preffered and current partner is B and i still have communicaiton even if nothing is hooked to controller B.

if i change the owner to A i will not have any more access.

it seem both controller act as '' B '' 

 ( note that i changed the sas controller for spair, changed the p2000g3 enclsure, sas 6gb switch, p712 controllers... ) 

im desperating for a solution...

i joined 2 picture