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HP SAN EVA4000 storage failure

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HP SAN EVA4000 storage failure

Our HP San EVA4000 fatally crashed one morning at 4. I am unable to get satisfactorily answers from the support company, therefore now I do not trust this unit at all.

When we arrived at work all alarms were flashing on the drive units, both controllers has no wwn set (just zeros) shutting down the storage aray and powering it up in the right sequence had no effect. After about (none of the drives failed according to their status lights)12 hours later we were told to re setup the complete storage unit and do a complete restore. Well something like this was not planned and the tape units were slow with the restores.


The techs upgraded the eva command centre software and re initialized all drives.


my question is what can be the cause of this failures, therefore eliminating this catastophe in the future.

What was the recovery process, could the drives not have rebuild. can the controller setup be saved (and how do you do it) to restore the unit. Why did both controllers fail at exactely the same time. Are external factors to blame i.e power.


Answers are urgently needed as this crash caused a massive production delay.

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Re: HP SAN EVA4000 storage failure

You can save the configuration using Command View.


Check out this article, it's for an older version of utility but the commands should be the same:

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Re: HP SAN EVA4000 storage failure

Did you find the root cause of the issue?


What are the options for SAN under VMS 8.2?