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HP StorageWorks 4/8 port not online using LSI 7202XP

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HP StorageWorks 4/8 port not online using LSI 7202XP

Hey Guys,

If anyone can lend a hand with this that would be very much appreciated.

I have a MSA1500 hooked up to 2x HP 4/8 SAN switches (A8000A models)

Basically I have 2x HP Proliant VMware boxes working off these switches fine with different model cards then what I am using on the VCB proxy.

I am trying to hook up a VCB proxy server I have setup running win2k3 server using an LSI Logic 7202XP PCI-X card.

Basically I am getting an amber signal for the port status.

Accordingly to HP/Brocade this means everything is just dandy:

Port is receiving light or
signal carrier, but is not
yet online.


No action required.

So obviously there is action required as I cannot mount the LUNS. I have VCB installed etc.

The LSI Logic Software reports the port status as being offline. I have tried to manually force 1gb/2gb as well no go.

If I swap one of the VMboxes into that port I get a green status straight away and traffic starts moving.

I am using the same modules as what is on the switch, also tried finasar and HP B/C modules.

I have the latest BIOS/Firmware/FC on the LSI card.

Any suggestions?

I have tried looking for a compatibility card listing for the 4/8 but I couln't find anything in the fabric admin guide.
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Re: HP StorageWorks 4/8 port not online using LSI 7202XP

cmon guys don't be hold outs on me.